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Get Rid of Bed Bugs Once and For All

Bed bugs can be a huge problem for both homeowners and people who own apartment buildings. Bed bugs are disgusting little insects that, as their name implies, take up residence in your bed.


After the bugs have found their way into your bed, they begin burrowing into your skin and eating your blood. This is what allows them to spread disease so effectively. If you are waking up with strange rashes and bites, you could be facing an infestation.

All of the treatments that we use are kid friendly.

Stop the spread of bed bugs with a call to our technicians.


Our company provides affordable bed bug removal solutions for homes, hotels, and apartment buildings. We use aggressive methods to make sure that we have thoroughly eliminated all traces of the bugs so that they won’t be able to spread throughout your property again.


We draw up customized treatment plans for each and every property that we work on. This allows us to provide you with the most effective and efficient removal possible.

Affordable Removal Service

One of the biggest misconceptions that we have found most of our customers has about bed bugs is that if you keep a clean property you won’t be vulnerable to infestation. This is not the case. Bed bugs do not differentiate from dirty or clean homes meaning everyone is vulnerable to them.


Our technicians will use a HEPA dry particulate vacuum ( with HEPA Efficiency: 99.97% @ .3 micron) to apply a vapor heat treatment for 220 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit to local areas which will kill both bed bugs as well as all of their eggs and larvae.


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